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Seasons of the Sun: Celebrations, Festivals, and Observances
Patricia Telesco

Atrium Publishers Group, 1996


Herbs That Heal: Prescription for Herbal Healing
Michael A. Weiner, Janet Weiner

Atrium Publishers Group, 1994

From best-selling herbalists Michael and Janet Weiner this is a practical A to Z consumer guide to drug-free remedies. It contains the most up-to-date scientific studies painstakingly researched over a period of years which confirm the efficacy of herbs. Over 200 herbs are examined along with a master index: Just look up the ailment (e.g. Colds and Flu) and all the herbal remedies available are listed alphabetically. 140 botanical ...


Way to the Light: Pilgrimage of a Reiki Master
Yasmin Verschure

Atrium Publishers Group, 1996

Book by Verschure, Yasmin


The Universal Tarot Package: Tarot Deck with Book
Maxwell Miller

Atrium Publishers Group, 1996

Book by Miller, Maxwell


Teachings of Ramana Maharshi   [TEACHINGS OF RAMANA MA] [Paperback]
Ramana"(Author) ; Osborne, Arthur(Editor) Maharshi

Atrium Publishers Group-, 1996


Psychological Commentaries on the Teaching of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky, Vol. 1
Maurice Nicoll

Atrium Publishers Group, 1996

The Psychological Commentaries on the teaching of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky by Maurice Nicoll are the best, most in depth and easiest to understand books on the subject of Gurdjieff's and Ouspensky's teachings. Everyone interested in Gurdjieff's and Ouspensky's teachings should read all five volumes. Regardless of what spiritual path a person is on, the psychological commentaries can be a big help because they detail on a day-to-day basis the ...


Prana: The Secret of Yogic Healing

Atrium Publishers Group, 1996

Pages clean and unmarked. Slight wear from time on shelf like you would see on a major chain. Immediate shipping.


Ojise: Messenger of the Yoruba Tradition
Baba Ifa Karade, Ifa Karade

Atrium Publishers Group, 1996

Book by Karade, Baba Ifa, Karade, Ifa


Start to Learn Pastel Techniques
Josep Casals

Atrium Publishers Group, 2005

An introduction to the fundamentals of pastel, this book is for aspiring artists who want to develop their creative side using one of the purest forms of colored pigment application. Lessons show artists how to easily draw marvelous trees, landscapes, sunsets, and much more using pastels.


International Beach Houses (Good Idea)
Louisa Wattson

Atrium Publishers Group, 2005

The combination sun and sea is the common denominator to all the houses pictured in this book. It provides a unique perspective of life by the sea, as appreciated from the inside and outside of these houses. The readers will visit magnificent homes in the Pacific, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and the Atlantic. The title contains a variety of houses, and the superb details of the spectacular houses are absolutely stunning.


Shaolin Nei Jin Qi Gong: Ancient Healing in the Modern World
Peter Fenton

Atrium Publishers Group, 1996


Everything for Kids' Rooms

Atrium Publishers Group, 2004

At the time of decorating the children's bedrooms, most people discover that there are not that many sources of inspiration to help in the task. The hundreds of examples given in this book are an effective guide when you need to make an important decoration choice. Includes hundreds of full color photographs showcasing styles for every taste and home.


Start to Learn Oil Techniques
Josep Casals

Atrium Publishers Group, 2005

This tutorial presents detailed information on materials and tools for oil painting, including basic oil techniques, glazing, oil sticks, and water-soluble oils. The lessons are thoroughly illustrated and are shown both in progress and completed.


Only Beds
Eva Marin

Atrium Publishers Group, 2005

Presenting the best and novel designs in beds, this book provides a general vision about the technical possibilities and designs available in beds. A variety of beds are profiled, including the electronic beds of Auping and beds with computerized designs by Latofflex that provide massages or create a desired temperature. This book shows how a simple piece of furniture can be so much more. Eva Marín has been a contributing editor to the Goethe ...


Contemporary Houses of the World
Martha Torres Arcila

Atrium Publishers Group, 2003

Book by Arcila, Martha Torres


Cozy Atmospheres: Bedrooms
Jessica Lawson

Atrium Publishers Group, 2005

This decorating guide displays different types of atmospheres that convey warmth and provides readers with a lot of imaginative ideas for creating their dream bedroom. Readers learn how to make the bedroom a place to rest, to share with one's partner, to play, to spoil and be spoiled, and to dream. Jessica Lawson is an interior designer with her own agency. She is the editor of the Cozy series.


Bar Decors (Multilingual Edition)
Elsa Rocher

Atrium Publishers Group, 2002

The design of bars, cafes and night venues has produced examples of significant contrast depending on the architectural or interior design concept. It seems clear that the current demand points to a modern aesthetic in a variety of forms. From newly created swank spaces to redecorated areas of old uses not related to social entertainment, the majority of the venues chosen show a particular retro style suited to our days.


Cozy Atmospheres: Interiors
Jessica Lawson

Atrium Publishers Group, 2005

Full of images of enchanted atmospheres, this book celebrates homes that make people feel comfortable from the moment they enter them. Profiled are places where one feels at ease, suddenly able to breathe deeper and invaded with the sensation of something familiar or long desired. The basic elements to help individuals decorate interiors with warmth and personality are included throughout this guide. Jessica Lawson is an interior designer with ...



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