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9GreenBox - Juniper Tree Bonsai Best Gift


The Juniper Bonsai is commonly regarded as the beginner bonsai, as for the easiness of care for the plant. Growing these small trees is an ancient art form in which the leaves can be trimmed and guided to be made into the owner's desired shape. Bonsai convey the symbols of meditation, harmony, peace, and balance.


Zen Reflections Juniper Bonsai

9Greenbox, 2014

The term 'bonsai' literally translated from Japanese means tray planting or tree in pot. The term refers specifically to the training and artistic vision applied to the tree; ultimately this will give the illusion of an aged miniature tree in nature. It is more than just a little tree, it is an attempt to represent nature itself in a small pot. Translated as potted tree, bonsai trees are the attempt to represent larger natural tree forms in a ...


9GreenBox - Live Spiral 3 Style Lucky Bamboo Plant Arrangement with Ceramic Vase Brown


Native to Cameroon in West Africa, this shrub wetland species of plant is known for is stability and tranquility. These ornamental plants bring fortune and happiness to anyone who keeps them in their home or work place. The stalks of this lucky bamboo are braided and twist to form a unified thick stem. Care Instructions included.


Miracle-Gro AeroGarden 7-Pod Indoor Garden with Gourmet Herb Seed Kit, Black


Aerogrow, 2007

The Miracle-Gro AeroGarden 7 The Miracle-Gro AeroGarden 7 is the one that started the indoor gardening revolution! It’s a simple, attractive indoor garden designed to be easy-to-use while delivering high-output at a lower cost than our more fully featured gardens. Perfect for kitchen counters or any indoor growing, the AeroGarden 7 combines NASA-proven growing technology with our 2 bulb, 50 watt CFL grow light hood. The AeroGarden 7 sets ...


Hinterland Trading Air Plant Tillandsia Bromeliads Kit Teardrop Terrarium with Pebbles and Moss Great Little ...

Hinterland Trading

Air Plant with Clear Glass Hanging Terrarium wide with glass bottom. Kit includes pebbles, moss, glass globe and air plant. Great as a gift. Perfect for office or home. Easy for kids to take care of.


15 Air Plants Ionantha Ionantha with 8 oz. Fertilizer

Hinterland Trading, 2014

Air Plant (Ionantha Ionantha) is one of the most abundant in the Tillandsia family. They grow from Florida to Central and South America in forest canopies. When most people think Air Plant they are picturing the Ionantha . This plant ships between 2 and 3 inches and will grow taller, but not much taller. As the plant comes into bloom the silver green will give way to orange, then red, and a purple flower with a yellow center will emerge. Part of ...


Adult Sized Venus Flytrap - Fly Trap - (Dionaea Muscipula) Carnivorous Plant 3 inch pot



You will receive a live healthy adult sized Venus Flytrap Plant. It comes with a 3 inch net pot, just like the one in the picture, moss appropriate for carnivorous plant soil loosely packed, and a full page detailed caresheet, written by an experienced Venus Flytrap grower specifically designed for beginners, explaining how to take care of Venus Flytraps. All you will need is a bowl or saucer to hold the Venus Flytrap's pot that it comes with ...


Hinterland Trading Air Plant Assortment 5 Pack Airplants Tillandsia

Hinterland Trading

Hinterland Trading

Our five unique air plants are perfect for terrariums and gift giving. Starring plant lineup includes, Argentea, Juncea, Ionantha, Caput Madusae and Velutina. Easy case instructions included.


Venus Fly Trap Plant - CARNIVOROUS - Dionaea - 2" pot"


Nature provides this remarkable plant with "traps" to lure and capture it's food. The traps are covered inside by tiny hairs and a sticky sweet smelling substance attractive to insects. When an insect touches the trigger hair, the trap is activated and closes around it's victim. After digestion of it's meal (whick takes several days), the trap will open again for a new catch. Keep moist at all times, rainwater or distilled water are preferred. ...


9GreenBox - 5 Money Tree Plants Braided into 1 Tree -Pachira-4" Pot


The Money Tree, or Pachira, is thought by respectable Feng Shui Masters to bring good luck and fortune to businesses and families. It is a tropical wet land tree native to Central and South American Swamps. In 1986, the popularity of these ornamental plants sky rocketed in Eastern Asia. These trees have the ability to grow up to 60 feet high in the wild. They are favorably placed as small plants in homes and offices.


Air Plants - Tillandsia Ionantha - 5 Air Plants at a Great Price!

Ionanthas are the little cuties of air plants. You will squeal with delight when you open this special delivery. Ionanthas are valued for their spectacular bloom coloring and for the "pups" they grow from their base to reproduce. You can separate the pups as they grow or let them grow into a cluster or ball of Ionanthas that are even more impressive. You get five plants with this order including Ionantha Mexican, Scaposa, Rubra, Guatemalen ...


Collection of the Four Best Clean Air Plants for Your Home in Four Inch Pots

Emeritus Holdings

Four great plants to purify the air in your home or office shipped same day as order. Each plant- Pothos, parlor palm, mother in law's tongue and peace lily are in 4"shipping pots. All are gift wrapped. Message can be added by selecting "gift wrap" in the menu. Expedited shipping is also available.


Brussel's CT9005CE Chinese Elm Bonsai

Brussel's Bonsai

Brussel's Bonsai

Chinese Elms are deciduous trees with small leaves and fine twigging on their secondary branches. These trees are imported from Chinese nurseries where the branches have been painstakingly trained for years. Chinese Elms are durable and may be displayed indoors for extended periods of time.


Rare ZZ Plant-Zamioculcas zamiifolia - House Plant - Bonsai


Strange but beautiful. A caudex-forming aroid from Kenya has 3in, shiny-green leaves arranged distichously along bottle-shaped stems, giving a cycad-like appearance. Easy to grow, good as a houseplant, bonsai, for shaded landscapes or terrariums. An ancient relic, along with Gonatopus, with a unique characteristic (for Aroids) in that the leaflet can fall to the ground, root and form bulblets. This feature is not known in aroids outside of ...


KL Design & Import - 3 Tier 4" 6" 8" Top Quality Lucky Bamboo For Feng Shui (Total About 38 Stalks)

KL Design & Import

In Asia, Lucky Bamboo is one of the most popular gift items people give away for all occasions, like wedding, house warming, business opening, Christmas, new year, birthday, anniversary, etc. And it is also a great touch when you decorate your house or office since they don't need any sunlight. More importantly, Lucky Bamboo is considered as the "Wood" element people use it in Feng Shui. I kept Lucky Bamboo over two weeks after I got my ...


Vanilla Vine Orchid Plant - Most Popular Spice - 3" pot


Vanilla planifolia (solid green leaf) The Vanilla Bean Plant This is native from Mexico to parts of South America and the Caribbean. The flowers are very fragrant and short-lived usually only lasting one day, but are replaced by another the next day. These are a vining, climbing terrestrial that prefers high humidity, bright indirect light and ample water supplies all year. Keep this orchid warm - above 55 degrees and fertilize once a ...


Marimo Aquarium Kit

Hinterland Trading, 2014

Hi. I’m your new Marimo (Japanese) Cladophora Ball, or Moss Ball (English). I am a rare algae growth that only forms in a few lakes in Iceland, Scotland, Japan and Estonia. Many cultures consider me good luck. I’m very easy to care for. Just place me in a container with tap water and change it every one or two weeks. Please rinse anything you add to my container to keep my home clean. You don’t need to feed me. I don’t require anything ...


Jade Plant - Crassula ovuta - Easy to Grow - 4" Pot


Commonly known as jade plant, friendship tree, lucky plant or Money Plant, Crassula ovata is a succulent plant with small pink or white flowers. It is native to South Africa, and is common as a houseplant worldwide. Blooms white or pink star like flowers in early spring.


Hinterland Trading Air Plant Velutina Tillandsia Beautiful Little Houseplant

Hinterland Trading

Air Plants, also known as Tillandsia, don't require soil to grow, only moderate light and a good soak every week-very low-maintenance. Velutina blushes from a deep green to lovely pink tips. Fanatastic as an office plant or better yet a gift.


Air Plant Triplets! Three Pink Sea Urchin with Air Plants on Board. GIFT BOXED! Great Gift Neat Houseplants ...

Hinterland Trading

Three Air Plant Tillandsias sitting pretty in three pink sea urchins. Easy to care for plant that requires no soil, no mess. This would look enchanting at a beach wedding ! Comes with easy care instructions. Gift boxed and ready to be delivered to a friend!



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